The signal of the season change has come with orange leaves, cold weather, and my sweater and cardigan collection cluttering the front of my wardrobe “just in case”.  Quite honestly, as a girl who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, It’s time to accept that summer has ended officially.  Though I am partial to all the fabulous fall fashion, I have also found that accessorizing can make an older, plain outfit appear contemporary and trendy.

Here are a few of my unique  fall fashion finds to upgrade your casual clothing:

haircombPairing a plain black dress (long-sleeved, depending on your weather circumstances) with chunky or statement jewelry is a must!  Check out this roman-esque inspired hair accessory that draws attention to any ordinary hair-do!  The Chain Drop Hair Comb can be found at for $16.88.

necklaceChunky jewelry is also a must.  This statement piece from Target is absolutely stunning and can be worn with many different styles of tops or dresses to take it to the next level.  The gold necklace with chunky purple beads is $16.99 and is perfect for a casual get-up or a night-time ensemble.

Rings and bracelets are also a great way to showcase your inner fashionista.   Rhinestones and spiked accessories are big this year and Fab For You is on board.  Love Culture carry a large collection of different styles of rings, but my favorite is this Edged Rhinestone Ring that sells for $5.90! ring1

braceletLayering bracelets or keeping it simple and wearing one or a few give your outfit personality.  Forever 21 has one of the bigger selections of bracelets this fall, versatile enough to match your fabulous style.   Fab For You is loving this chain bracelet for $9.80.  If you’re on the girlier side, this is an absolute steal for $12.80.  We call it Tiffany’s for the thrifty! girly

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 9.26.50 PMEarrings are another great way to accessorize this fall and it’s always best to invest in a durable pair that won’t agitate your delicate ears.  Fab For You always suggests wearing light earrings as to not stretch your ear lobes with heavy weight and to always double-check the material.  If you’re not sensitive you are pretty much in the clear, but for the rest of us- read the label first!  Earrings can be the first thing someone notices, so give them something to admire.  Go for an original piece like these Dragon Wing Earrings  from Urban Outfitters that sell for $16.00.

Don’t let the fabulous fall fashion pass you by! Start shopping 🙂